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CMT Service

We are a well rounded Fashion House that pushes the limits of fashion and style.

With an in-house CMT (Cut Make & Trim) factory catering for young, upcoming designers with the aim of providing them with the necessary technical and production support to produce high quality garments.

This service is based on the simple African ideal that we are, because others are. When you reach heights, always send the ladder down.

Because of this simple everyday ideal, we have set up a vital structure in our business to help us join upcoming designers in their journey by allowing them accessibility to resources to make their journey more pleasant.



We offer professional embroidery solutions for all corporate and personal needs.

Through the utilization of Ricoma embroidery machines, we can embroider up to 9 colors and deliver top quality results at a rapid production rate, ensuring that your deadline is met all the time, every time. 

We employ experienced digitizers which will ensure that your logo, images and text are expertly converted to ensure the highest quality renderings.

Our clients are welcome to provide their own items for branding or may select from the quality products.


Custom Printing Services

We also offer custom printing services ranging from t-shirts, to jackets & everything in between. We enable our clients to personalise their personal garments, because we believe it feels good to have a personal on your own story.

We use high-quality precision when carrying out our printing services to ensure that our clients get the best result, every time.

Promotional Items

We service a wide array of clients who require bulk items, from the eagerly awaited Stokvel events, church gatherings as well as other private events who require bulk services.

If this is you, why not reach out to us, it might be the best decision you have ever made.