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Wale Mandla is a Street-wear Lifestyle Clothing Brand which has demanded its footprint when it was introduced to the rest of us in 2016. A birth of fresh and innovative way of translating native designs into world-class negotiation of what it means to be an African foot print. This powerhouse of easy and relatable wear has a significance and order of demand to the industry that advocates the 5th largest employment in our country an industry that generates tens of billions in revenue.

It is then a subject not a mistake that Wale Mandla remains a relevant brand in 2021 and moving beyond. Wale is a translation of why this brand remains authentic and continues to speak to each and every one who gets to be granted the opportunity to be dressed with Power to Change Destiny.

What continues to set us apart from any other designs in the world of authentic wear is the use of our Pride and Heritage in fusing the “Uncantathu Tribal Print” our brand is developed around the youthful and vibrant niche which has an element of urban and classy elegant feel with it.

We one brand which is not apologetic with the language of breaking boundaries while navigating around aspirational brand identity as we are always about creating a very Premium Street-wear brand like no other with an exclusive contemporary urban appreciation and that is Wale Mandla the Brand.

Be on the look as we take you on a journey of discovery and the only way we know how to translate what it means for our brand to be alive today with the work etiquette built around making our brand relevant to our vision while we hope to grow as a Fashion Start-Up. With the only mandate in mind which is always providing our customers, partners and stakeholders with a brief on currency and innovative cutting edge fashion solutions.

With our Values and Principles that are design around the Founding Director Mandla Msiza himself a force to be reckon with a figure that is always visible at a right time for the correct purpose to illustrate what is meant to Show-up as young person growing in South African. A Game Changer with the only rule which is to be a Power of his Destiny as he continues to prove that by being present from the creative appeal to how the business is positioned both online and physically.

We believe any fashion language shouldn’t be compromised, you’re Style, Price Tag or how you Impact your Lifestyle is an essence of who you are. We are driven by the challenges as we have targets to meet while we do not reduce the impact on our product, business and logistics, and we’re always looking for new ways to drive sustainability forward.